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Christmas in July this year will be at the Watermark Restaurant 631 Anzac highway Glenelg. time 12.30 pm. Cost $30 per head financial members, $35 for non members. you need to confirm your booking by 8 July. you can book at July meeting or contact Claire on                  8276-6843

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70th ANNIVERSARY OF THE POST WAR MORRIS. Jointly organised by the Morris Register of South Australia and the Morris Car Club of South Australia Inc.At Waterworld Aquatic Centre Golden Grove Road Ridgehaven 10.00 am to 3 pm. 1948 saw introduction of a new range of Morris car, the six, Oxford and Minor. If you have one of these vehicles, a commercial variant or a Woleseley model 4/80 or 6/80 bring it to be part of a display to celebrate the 70th anniversary. to help with the planning and to enable cars to be parked in their appropriate groups you need to register by 17 AugustENTRY IF FREE. club members with vehicles not celebrating the anniversary can register to take part with cars parked in an additional  display. Entry forms available at monthly meetings, or by emailing m70eventadelaide@gmail.com or to receive by post, phone Acting secretary 8276-6843 Wet weather policy: Should the ground be unsuitable for vehicles on the day the event will be cancelled or moved to an all weather location. For further information contact Vincent Youngman 0412 511 123

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ATTENTION  LOG BOOK and SUBSCRIPTION DAY                                                                   Sunday  21  October 2018      10am –2.30pm at Clubrooms.                                                   If your vehicle is on conditional registration the following applies to you. Whilst vehicle inspections and statutory declarations are no longer required, you still need to have your Log Books stamped and signed every October, or your car is deemed to be unregistered.

The Treasurer will be present to receive subs.

Your current membership expires on 31 October 2018, as does your logbook. You must have your logbook authorised for 2019 NOW.  If you had a logbook issued during the year it still has to be signed for the coming year 2019. If you have not renewed membership by this date, then the dept of Transport deems your vehicle UNREGISTERED.

It is a condition of the scheme that you MUST be a financial member of a club to have conditional registration.

If you cannot attend on the day, it is important that you RENEW your membership and logbook by 31 October 2018, and you can arrange  to have verification and log book authorised by one of the following 

Club’s Authorising Officers.

Vin Youngman 0412 511 123 .Seacombe Gardens

Murray Webb   8284-8778 ... .MacDonald Park

Danny Symons 0439 340 797 .Payneham

David Paterson 8536-3251…. Strathalbyn

Derick Stubbs   8339-3266….. Bridgwater


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